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Shropshire Languages Society is an independent specialist provider of support and advice for learning and careers in  foreign languages and is a registered charity. We also aim to offer support for C.P.D. training for teachers and other professionals, and extracurricular opportunities to extend language learning and the National Curriculum beyond the classroom.


Since 2009/2010, we have led a local initiative to inspire children and young people to opt to take a foreign language as an option between school and university.




Shropshire Languages Society dates back to c.1962 when it was founded by married couple Harry and Doris Bristow Co-Founders and Chairpersons both of whom were grammar school teachers of modern and classical foreign languages. They established the advice and support service to give people of all ages the opportunity to seek advice on language study and lingusitcally careers involving languages, and the chance to extend language learning beyond the classroom.


The Society continues to run overseen by a Board of Trustees and Mrs Elaine Knowles as its Chairperson alongside its Strategic Leadership Team. Mrs Gloria Bristow, daughter-in-law of Harry and Doris Bristow, continues to have involvement with the Society.


We also share good practice and CPD in teaching and learning and now make extensive use of ICT and E-Learning.

Our current organisational status is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) a relatively new status introduced by the Charities Commission.

You can now register your attendance for GCSE Plus, our free GCSE to AS level bridging course, by clicking HERE


or by pasting this link into your browser:

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Languages Drop-in session this Tuesday (21st October) 2:00 - 3:30pm at Shrewsbury Library.